Band Names (Here We Go Again)

If you have ever been in a band then you have experienced that most awkward of phases – the “what do we call this band” phase. There are few times in life as oppressive and stiffing. There is something suffocating about having to be creative in a forced way that leaves ones mind utterly unable to offer even the lamest moniker.

When you are young everyone wants to name their band something nasty or controversial. This is an obvious ploy for attention. And 9 times out of 10 it works like a charm. The best example of this I can think of is “Ass Cobra”. Period.

When you get a bit older you want the name to reflect the music, or to be a clever play on words, or sounds so that everyone will recognize your brilliance. The Dead Kennedys always struck me as brilliant. And the band Rush had a music to match their moniker.

The Yamoah Family Band This name I like.
The Yamoah Family Band –
I give them a pass on the name. Check out the babe on guitar!

Further down the line, eventually people want to name the project after themselves, and let’s just face it, this is a cop out and boring. Agents and managers often insist on this citing the need to build a brand. I understand this but I can’t help but feel board when I go see the “Phil Stewart Trio”. And of course, “the so and so’s featuring whomever” is what happens just before the lead  singer’s ego breaks the band up.

I had a great band in San Diego that I named “Two Syllable Response”. We sounded great and never worked that much, mostly because I named us Two Syllable Response.

I mention all this because I have to name a band that I lead in the next few weeks. Fortunately, I am old enough know the secret to naming things. In fact, the only thing I am truly a genius at is naming things. I have come up with killer names for people’s goldfish, songs my friends have written, my own non-existent autobiography (I thought I was slumming, but, it turns out this is my career), and the my masterpiece: naming my son – Milo Franklin Zephniah Lang.

So what is this great secret? What can be the mysterious method I use?

Let the name happen. Let the name come organically from what the band does and is. Now, the only trick is this requires time, which I don’t really have.

A total cop-out of a name if there ever was one. A better name on this gig would have been "Great Music You Can Talk Over"
The John Lang Trio: a total cop-out of a name if there ever was one. A better name on this gig would have been “Great Music You Can Talk Over”

The modern solution to my quandary is to crowd source. This is where you come in. Please help me name my wedding band. I have put up some examples of our sound on my website. Please take a listen and see what comes to mind. I will take all suggestions that aren’t “Ass Cobra”. Firstly because it is taken and secondly because I can’t really see many brides choosing that band on the most romantic day of their life. Or can I

Thanks for reading.



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